A Typical Day at Camp

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8:30 am  Breakfast.

9:00 am  A simple morning worship introducing us to the topic for the day.

10:00 am  Morning sessions – staff speak on varied topics related to the theme of this year’s camp. Presentations and discussion provide insight into the speaker’s personal story, the wisdom they’ve learned, and a message relevant to the campers’ state of life.

12:00 pm  More food!

1:00 pm  Quiet time – a camper favourite, this is one hour devoted to either solitary reflection, or quiet conversation with just one other person. It is a chance to relax, reflect, and get a little closer to someone new.

2:00 pm  Electives – these are varied activities dreamed up and offered by staffers. Past electives have included kite flying, tie-dying, soccer, discussion groups, yoga, music making, dancing, henna, awareness games, card playing, and many, many more. Campers choose which elective to attend each day.

3:00 pm  Rec activity – this is a camp-wide game to get the blood flowing, such as capture-the-flag, water balloon games, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, or softball.

4:30 pm  Free time – often spent swimming, playing cards, or singing along to someone’s guitar.

5:30 pm  Dinner!

6:30 pm  Family time – another camper favourite. This is when we break into smaller groups of 5-7 campers, with two staff “parents.” We check in with everyone to see how things are going, and lead activities that give campers a chance to share, listen, discuss, and make more intimate connections.

9:00 pm  Shalom – this is our evening worship time. The camp leaders work together to design a unique, experiential worship that gets at the heart of what spirituality means for the campers, and leads them into a closer relationship with the Lord. Shaloms vary greatly in format, but share the goal of creating an emotionally secure but powerful experience.

11:00 pm  Cabins.

11:30 pm  Lights out.

Awareness game Andreas Muller 2008








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Nikiah w guitar Ivy Daum 2011